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4 Water Dispensers for Your Smart Home

by Liana

We all will agree on the fact that safe and clean drinking water is what we all look for in our homes. These days it’s been really common that drinking direct water started causing many water-borne diseases. Keeping yours and your loved ones health and safety is our priority. Once again the technology paved the way to the water dispensers. Not only does it keeps drinking water clean but also prevents any impurity to pass through. Dispensers have 3 common features; they can heat the water, keep it ice cold and even normal temperature. Have your water according to your need. one click or one tap and you’ve got your cold, hot or normal temperature water. Some dispensers have gallon bottle inserting option on the top or at the bottom. Not only that, some dispensers are an all in one, especially for small homes.

To bring a water dispenser to your home means you need to look at some key features. That includes, its efficiency in heating or chilling the water and of course your budget. to help you out with that, we listed top 4 water dispensers for your smart home.

1- Water Dispenser Bottom Loading

To lift a gallon bottle and install it over the dispenser is hell of a task. With bottom loading water dispenser, you don’t have to lift anything. The elegant design covers the bottle from eye sight with the door. The safety child lock on the dispenser makes it safer to place anywhere. The stainless steel present in the dispenser prevents it from corrosion. Change your drinking habits with Water Dispenser Bottom Loading from Amazon promo code.

2- Water Bottle Pump

Forget lifting or inserting your gallon water bottles with Water Bottle Pump. This rechargeable pump not only eases your life, it’s very portable so you can actually take it anywhere with you. Charge the pump for 3-4 hours max and use it for 30-40 days or more. Tap once to pull out the water and press again to stop; this makes it easy to use for all ages. It has higher compatibility so it can fit to vast variety of bottle neck sizes. Save up your money and space with this Water Bottle Pump.

3- B.L Water Dispenser

Safe and healthy drinking is everyone’s first priority when it comes to water. The water tank of B.L Water Dispenser contains UV light which kills almost 99.9% bacteria from the stored water. It also cleanses out micro plastic with its Micro P-Clean filtration technology. Its 1 micro filtering precisions prevents any kind of impurity from contaminating the drinking water. With B.L Water Dispenser, you don’t need to worry about water contamination anymore.

4- Top Loading Water Dispenser

If you want to keep track of your gallon bottles, this dispenser is just what you need. with its top loading feature you know when to refill another bottle. The safe sleek and durable design is built with stainless steel to prevent rusting and corrosion. With anti-fingerprint on the fridge door, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the dispenser over and over again. Prevent over heating with the dispenser’s double safety device.

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